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A traditional manicure including shaping of the nails with a new file, cuticle work, massage, warm towel wrap, and polish.


OPI GelColor: 2 Week Gel Polish Manicure


Tired of regular nail polish chipping after only a few days or smudging before you get home? Say goodbye to nicks, chips, and smudges… Say hello to beautifully flawless nails for 2 weeks! An LED cured polish with no dry time, and a mirror finish shine for 2 weeks. The best part- there is no damage to the natural nails for application or removal. 


Removal of Gel Polish 

Applied at Entourage Salon: no charge

Not applied at Entourage Salon: $5 and up


Spa Manicure

$40 with regular polish or buff shine finish

$60 with Gel Polish

An indulgent facial for the hands! Nails are shaped to perfection with a new file, then soaked in a nourishing warm oil, which transforms into a milky moisture bath for the nails and surrounding skin. Cuticles work is next with a moisture pack massaged into each fingertip. Next, hands are exfoliated to gently polish away any impurities. A luxurious illuminating masque is applied to deeply condition and refine skin to a healthy glow. Hands then enjoy a relaxing massage with a rich, intensive hand cream to deeply moisturize and protect dry, parched skin. Nails are finished off with either a high shine buff, or polished to perfection. A great treatment for dehydrated nails and/or skin!


French Polish

add $5

Classic Pedicure

45-60 minutes


A traditional pedicure which begins with soaking in an aromatic whirlpool footbath, nails are cut and/or shaped with a new file, cuticle work, calluses are buffed smooth, a relaxing massage, warm towel wrap, and perfect long lasting polish is applied.


Deluxe Spa Pedicure

75-90 minutes


Treat your feet to luxury! An additional exfoliating scrub to smooth skin from the knee down, a warm-thermal healing mask will deeply hydrate your heels and feet, enjoy a soothing warm towel, and finish with a long relaxing massage to improve circulation and deeply relax your mind and body. Toes are polished to a long lasting perfection, and feet feel like new!


Upgrade to Gel Polish

add $20

Gel Polish is dry immediately, so your toes can go right back into your cozy shoes in the cold weather months, or on a rainy day! Unlike traditional polish, gel polish resists chipping, and stays perfectly shiny for at least 4-6 weeks!


French Polish

add $5

Before you get your next pedicure, think about the safety and cleanliness of your pedicure...


When getting a pedicure, do you ever ask yourself if the tub is not only clean, but if it has been properly disinfected? If not, you should!

 Many discount pedicure salons DO NOT properly disinfect their tubs between clients, or ever! This can lead to toenail fungus and a multitude of infections.


Keep the following in mind at your next pedicure:

*Although "Pipe-less" pedicure tubs are becoming more common, some tubs still use pipes to recirculate water during the treatment. Just cleaning the basin is not enough. When the tub is drained, dirty water still remains inside these pipes. This remaining water is contaminated by debris from the previous client which can include fungus and bacteria, among other things. When the tub is refilled for the next person, this remaining water from the pipes recirculates with the new water, and if the previous client had a nail fungus or infection, there is a possibility that you may get it as well.


This doesn't mean that the new "Pipe-less" tubs are fool proof. They still have hidden areas, such as the jet cover that need to be removed, scrubbed and disinfected after each pedicure as well. EVERY surface that came in contact with pedicure water needs to be cleaned after EACH client, not just once a day or once a week.


*Let's talk about the "spray" that is used to "disinfect" the tub. Do you know or trust what's in that bottle? Is it a household cleaner? Is it diluted? Is it even a disinfectant, or is it just soapy water? Disinfection is best accomplished by PROPERLY using an EPA registered disinfectant; one that is specifically formulated for pedicure tubs to remove the product buildup as well as being Bactericidal, Tuberculocidal, and Virucidal. These products can be costly, and a salon charging $20 for a pedicure, most likely cannot afford to invest in a good disinfectant for the tub.


*Speaking about properly using the disinfectant. Most of these disinfectants require that the surface remain wet with the solution for 3-10 minutes (depending on the brand). In a salon with a very high turnover rate, it is highly unlikely that they are leaving the solution in the tub for long enough to really kill any pathogens.


*Do you ever think about the nail file that is being used on you? Is it the same file that has been used on every client that day, week, or month. Who else was it used on? Did that client have a toenail fungus?  Sometimes nail files have sharp edges that can cut the delicate tissue on the toes. Who knows what diseases the other clients have? Is that a chance you are willing to take?


It's not a chance we are willing to take for our clients at Entourage Salon! We treat each client's feet as they are our own! We take great pride in providing a wonderfully relaxing pedicure that is clean, safe, and sanitary.


Rest assured at your next pedicure- Entourage Salon uses a pipe-less pedicure tub. The jet cover is removed, washed, and disinfected as well as every other surface that any pedicure water comes in contact with after EACH client. We use an EPA registered hospital grade disinfectant meant specifically for pedicure tubs that is Bactericidal, Tuberculocidal, and Virucidal. In addition to disinfecting the surface, it also breaks down product build-up, so the tub is in sparkling clean condition for each client, every time! Every client gets a brand new nail file at each pedicure and manicure to ensure that there is never any cross-contamination. (Sidenote: some salons have "boxes" so it's your tools each time. Even if you are the only one the tools are being used on, they still need to be cleaned, and files need to be replaced. You wash your hands and feet daily, your nail implements need to be washed too.)


Choose your nail salon wisely. Keep in mind the age-old saying: You get what you pay for. And sometimes with discount pedicure salons, you come home with more than you went there with! Don't pay someone to give you a nail fungus- they are even more costly to get rid of!


Thank you for choosing Entourage Salon

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